Friday, November 30, 2007

The Law of Increasing Disorder

Exhibit A: My clean room.

Exhibit B: My very messy room!
So obviously it is possible to have a clean room, but what is it that makes it so messy? One answer: physics. It's true. It's a law of the universe, like Newton's laws of motion. What law? Why, it's the law of increasing disorder, of course. This law states that changes in natural systems tend to create disorder and the total amount of entropy (disorder) will either increase or stay the same. So the natural system of my room tends to create more disorder. It's all because that's the way the Universe apparantly likes things. Go figure. All those years of cleaning my room....who knew that the whole time the universe wanted it to be messy? I doubt that my mom would have gone for that, though. Too bad. At least there was some point in having my room so messy this time. Since I blogged about it, my room was messy for the greater good of the blog. Plus, now you all know why rooms get messy. Who knew blogging could be so educational?

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Big D said...

hahaha oh physics. i'm so happy you blogged about entropy